Skin Care

Welcome to Atharv Skin and Dental care clinic. At the clinic we offer comprehensive dermatological services for both adults and pediatric patients.Detailed consultation and attempt to arrive a diagnosis is done for skin conditions like atopic dermatitis and eczema in children and adults, allergy and urticaria, psoriasis, vitiligo , lichen planus , blistering disorders and other various skin issues. Investigations like skin biopsy and patch test are done at the clinic.

Common skin related issues like acne ,acne scars pigmentation and melasma are treated at the clinic with medications and chemical peels , dermaroller and PRP.

Hair related issues like male and female patent hairloss , alopecia areata , telogen effluvium and scarrinffg hairloss are evaluated and treated . PRP for hairloss treatment is done at the clinic.

Basic dermatosurgical procedures like skin tags , warts , mollusucum, cysts removal , cryotherapy are also done at clinic.

BOTOX for wrinkle treatment and fillers for soft tissue augmentation is also undertaken at clinic.

Dental Care

Dentistry is moving at a rapid pace with the new millennium and it is important that the current trends and existing information of treatment options reach the populace in general. We aim to provide its patients with the latest treatment options in comprehensive Clinical Dentistry using infection control measures of international standards under one roof.