Dr. Praveen Bhardwaj

Dr. Praveen Bhardwaj
MBBS , MD (Dermatology)
Fellowship in paediatric dermatology (RGUHS)
Fellowship in lasers (IADVL)

 Dr. Praveen Bhardwaj did his medical graduation from the Premier College B.J. Medical College Pune and he followed it up with his MD in Dermatology from the Prestigious Patna Medical College. Perfecting his skills in clinical, aesthetic, and cosmetic dermatology, he also attended dermatosurgery conferences and workshops. He has special interest in pediatric dermatology and to get more into it Dr. Praveen has done Fellowship In Pediatric Dermatology from Bangalore Medical College, a renowned Medical College in the Country. He has been awarded IADVL Laser Fellowship this year for his works and interest to excel in the field of lasers.

He has presented many scientific papers in State And National Conferences and has been awarded for the same. Has to his credit publication in journals and has also contributed to dermatology books.

Dr. Praveen Bhardwaj is compassionate and friendly to his patients. Besides consultations for dermatology, pediatric dermatology he is also an expert in dealing with hair and nail related conditions.

Dr. Praveen Bhardwaj has had a vast exposure to various cosmetic and dermatological procedures that he does in his clinics.

Some of the procedures that are available at his clinics are chemical peeing for melasma and acne, dermaroller and acne scar treatment, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment for hair fall and scars, stem cell treatment, laser hair removal, botox and fillers, mesotherapy, removal of warts and molluscum by cautery and cryotherapy, botox, dermal fillers and thread-lift for anti-aging.

Our Services

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is controlled exfoliation of skin by usually naturally occurring or nature derived ingredients. Peels are meant for treatment of Acne , Acne marks, facial pigmentation, Melasma, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. It also helps to reduce acne scars. A few peels also help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and give glow and anti aging effect. Commonly used peels are Glycolic, Salicylic, Retinol Yellow Peel and TCA Peel.

Skin tags removal

Skin tags are small overgrown skin tissues that commonly appear on face , neck , underarms and back. Skin tags resemble warts but are not infectious. Removal can be easily done after making the area numb by using anesthesia cream or injection.

Cryotherapy for warts and molluscum treatment

Wart and molluscum removal by cryotherapy involves freezing them with help of liquid nitrogen. It is a child friendly technique and does not involve machines or injection. It is bloodless and very simple procedure to remove warts , molluscum and other skin growths.

PRP for hairloss

Highly concentrated growth factors in the form of platelets have been shown to stimulate new hair growth, thicken thinned out hair, and make hair transplants grow thicker and healthier.

Dermaroller for acne scars, facial rejuvenation and hairloss

Dermaroller with PRP is used for acne scars treatment and face rejuvenation.

Intralesional injection for alopecia areata and keloids

Helps to grow back hairs faster for Alopecia Areata patches . One of the best treatment options for keloids

Skin biopsy

Skin biopsy involves microscopic examination of a small area of the lesion. It is done to diagnose clinically challenging cases with the help of pathologist.